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The #1 Source for Vision Therapy Instruments and Products, Designed and Patented by J.W. Engineering.

Improving Sight through Vision Therapy for Over 22 Years.

The #1 Source for vision therapy instruments and products, designed and patented by J.W. Engineering.

Thousands Now Focus, Who Never Thought They Would.

JW Engineering was founded in 1994 by Jacob Wasserman, a mechanical engineer with training in bioengineering. Combining design expertise and extensive experience in the medical instrument field, JW Engineering works hand-in-hand with top optometrists, opticians, orthoptists, and doctors to design and manufacture the finest vision therapy instruments that improve oculomotor and hand-eye coordination and treat a variety of neuromuscular vision disorders.

JW Engineering clinical instruments have been awarded numerous patents and are designed for clinical or home use by juvenile and adult vision training patients as prescribed by their therapists, physicians, and trainers.